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The Southern USA region is famous for its great weather, friendly people, unique culture, historic heritage, rich musical styles and diverse cuisines. With international airports that are ports of entry into the U.S. with car rental services and connecting flights to major cities all across the South, it's easy for travelers visiting United States of America tourist destinations to plan a fun, sunny vacation getaway to the Southern USA. The people are warm, friendly and helpful – Travelers visiting vacation spots in the South will find an open welcome that makes vacations all the more fun. The South offers so many unique cultures and attractions that you will always find a new way to enjoy your holiday.

While in the South you will discover how much we respect our rich cultural, musical, artistic and culinary heritage. Here you'll find attractions and museums honoring our famous musicians, painters, poets, writers and culinary artists to world-class food, wine, literary, film and music festivals. Visit working artists' studios, art districts, fantastic restaurants, and live music clubs all across the South or take a road trip down one of our famous food, music or history "trails." Our beautiful cities and award-winning small towns offer world-renown attractions and surprising "finds" from lively entertainment districts to one of the last remaining juke joints in the country. You will be welcomed by a culture and energy that is uniquely “Southern.” With beautiful oceans, scenic mountains, crystal clear giant lakes, rushing rivers, vast underground caverns and lush green scenic rolling hills – the land itself is worth the trip! The sunny Southern states are simply the best vacation destination for any size pocketbook.