Heron Island Holidays

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Heron Island is the jewel of the Reef! Perfectly situated on the stunning Great Barrier Reef you'll find activites such as snorkelling or diving an unforgettable experience. You can practically just swim straight off the beach into beautiful coral reefs filled to the brim with marine life. Pristine coral reefs, lush tropical forest and abundant bird life makes the island one of the most beautiful and unique resort in Australia. Heron Island is open year round, with bird season at its peak in January to March. Turtle nesting season is also during this period and you can see hatchlings scurrying to the sea. 

To get to Heron Island, fly to Gladstone and transfer via a shuttle to the Marina. From there the comfortable and spacious Heron Islander will transport you to the resort in 2 hours. Or, you can hop onto a helicopter and travel to the resort in 30 minutes.

Heron Island Must Do's

  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you scuba dive, snorkel or swim, you will be see a wide variety of marine creatures.
  • Take a sunset wine and cheese cruises. Let your guide seek out the best places to watch the island's magical sunset while enjoying a drink or two.
  • Spend some time underwater. Heron Island is world famous for its fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling. Experience some of Australia's best dive spots. There are more than 30 dive sites are available, half of which are only 15 minutes from the beach.
  • See the turtles. The resort offers guided walks to watch female turtles nesting or new hatchlings racing to the ocean. These tours are carefully managed so that the turtles are not disturbed.
  • Sign the kids up for the Heron Junior Rangers Program during school holidays where they'll get up close with a variety of marine creatures and explore the fascinating coral cay. 
  • Catch a fish or two. Private Fishing Charters to locations such as Lamont, Fitzroy, Sykes, Wistari and Broomfields Reefs are available from the island. Baits and fishing equipments are usually included.
  • Spot a majestic whale. June to October marks the northern migration of the humpback whale.
  • Take a star gazing tour. The island is perfect to explore the Milky Way and other star systems.

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